So many years working in her parents' men's clothing store, a commercial icon in San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa, called RIDEL, awakened an irrepressible restlessness in Ana who, after a thousand business battles on both sides of the Atlantic, understood that she was returning to the world of fashion to stay.
The children's clothes she wore for her daughters Carla and Manuela did not convince her except on very rare occasions, so she convinced Lourdes and Teresa, also mothers of young girls at that time, 2007, to launch a business venture called Tarantela, a sonorous and impressive company that included all the initials of its founding partners and that sought to bring a bit of freshness to the baroque world of children's fashion.


Tarantela's initial casual style is inevitably linked to the boom in fabrics from India, a destination where her childhood friend Laura had been working tirelessly for some years and whose help was decisive for the beginnings of the debutant children's fashion company. Against the clock, the first production left the workshop with just enough time to sell the summer 2007 campaign, which was peppered with silks, gauzes, heavily washed cottons, powdered colors, grays, aubergines and tans.


The success of the first production led to increase the size to 12 years and in addition to Madrid, where the three original partners still live today, to serve the Basque Country, Cantabria and Andalusia, maintaining the original style and taking a little more care of the details to bring out the first autumn-winter collection in 2008, maintaining the own style fleeing from the classic, bringing the wool knit with Italian threads and incorporating 100% cotton shirts from Portugal to silks and chiffons from India.

New era for Tarantela

As the girls and models of the firm grew, Tarantela has been increasing the size of their clothes until today in which the line for Teens is essential for their future, also making a strategic wink to the most innovative mothers to encourage them to wear our brand. Teresa first and Lourdes recently have opted for other challenges, leaving Ana, 14 years later, captaining this fascinating adventure to capture the attention of mothers and daughters to dress in a comfortable, cheerful and different way.